State Farm Life Insurance Review

State Farm life insurance may be a suitable option for you if you’re in good health and enjoy an active lifestyle. Due to the company’s concern for its consumers, it provides exceptional service and a high level of customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a State Farm Life Insurance Review, this post from Careviva may be of interest.

State Farm life insurance rates

State Farm offered term life insurance rates for healthy males and females for a $500,000, 20-year policy with a cash value of $500,000. State Farm costs somewhat more than the majority of other insurance carriers for a policy of this size and term duration.

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  • Age 20. Male $26.09, Female $20.44
  • Age 25. Male $26.09, Female $20.44
  • Age 30. Male $28.29, Female $22.19
  • Age 35. Male $30.44, Female $24.34
  • Age 40. Male $40.04, Female $33.49
  • Age 45. Male $56.99, Female $46.99
  • Age 50. Male $90.94, Female $67.44
  • Age 55. Male $147.04, Female $98.29
  • Age 60. Male $259.24, Female $173.99

Factors that influence life insurance premiums from State Farm

When calculating your premium, life insurance companies consider your age, gender, health, and lifestyle. You may qualify for State Farm’s Preferred Plus rate class if you satisfy certain criteria.

  • Systolic blood pressure less than or equal to 115/70
  • Levels of cholesterol less than 175 mg/dL
  • There have been no traffic violations or DWI/DUI convictions in the last two years.
  • This test is not required in conjunction with a genetic test for cancer or heart disease.
  • Regularly engage in strenuous physical activity.

How to get a quote from State Farm life insurance

State Farm may be reached at 800-782-8332. Additionally, you may obtain a life insurance quotation by following these steps:

  1. Select Life Insurance from the State Farm webpage and click Go.
  2. Then, by entering your personal and medical information, you may choose the amount of coverage you wish. After that, click the Request a Quote option.
  3. Following your selection of the term duration and coverage amount, you can add any extra riders or coverage for a second person.
  4. Click Alternatively, you may submit your estimate and policy to an agent who will assist you in completing the application process.
  5. If you’re ready to complete your insurance application, click Apply Online.
  6. After you’ve been accepted, you may access your account to check and modify your policy, as well as set up autopay.

State Farm offers term and permanent life insurance

Along with traditional whole or universal life insurance, State Farm provides a variety of optional options, including no medical exam term life insurance. It offers a diverse selection of possibilities.

  • A term life insurance policy provides death protection. State Farm’s term life insurance policies start at $50,000 for a duration of 10 to 30 years and include a number of choices, including return of premium and mortgage life insurance.
  • Insurance that covers all of your financial commitments during your lifetime. State Farm’s whole life insurance coverage earns interest tax-deferred while also providing protection for the remainder of your years. In some situations, you may be able to obtain lifetime insurance with a single payment or over a 10-, 15-, or 20-year term.
  • Everyone has access to life insurance. You’ll be protected for the remainder of your years with this insurance, and you’ll have a number of investing alternatives to help you build the cash value of your policy. If you or your mate die first, a joint universal policy will compensate you.

Does State Farm offer burial insurance?

Yes. Last expenditure coverage is offered to New York residents between the ages of 50 and 80, or to those who live in New York between the ages of 50 and 75. There is a $10,000 death benefit cap on this insurance, which is much less than the standard $25,000 cap.

The cash value of the policy increases over time and may include dividends, depending on State Farm’s financial soundness, which is why it is a whole life insurance policy. Premiums for insurance might be paid monthly or annually.

State Farm life insurance riders

State Farm’s life insurance products include a variety of optional enhancements that allow you to customize your policy and increase your protection.

  • Accelerated death benefit. You must have been diagnosed with a terminal disease to be eligible for these benefits.
  • Payment of an incidental death benefit . This coverage will compensate you if you die as a result of an accident.
  • If you are seriously ill, you will be reimbursed. If you have a long-term medical condition, such as cancer, your death benefit may include a monthly payment.
  • Child. Your current insurance policy may be utilized to offset the cost of coverage for your child.
  • Benefits for disabled individuals. If you are unable to work due to illness or accident, you will be given a monthly allowance.
  • Estate security is of the utmost importance. If you include a life insurance policy in your estate, you may be able to lower your estate taxes.
  • There is no risk of going without insurance. In some situations, additional insurance can be bought without passing a medical examination.
  • You will be protected by health insurance for the remainder of your years. One of the key purposes of the death benefit is to pay for long-term care.
  • As in, the most straightforward. It ensures that regardless of how long you have coverage, your benefit amount will remain constant.
  • Spouse. Provides coverage for your spouse without the need for separate insurance.
  • Premiums have been phased out. To prevent having to pay premiums in the event of a medical emergency caused by a disability, disease, or injury.

State Farm life insurance reviews are mixed

Despite almost a century in operation, State Farm does not hold a Better Business Bureau certification (BBB). The Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot have both given this business a bad rating due to multiple complaints. The majority of user evaluations, however, focus on the company’s house and auto insurance products. State Farm is the highest-rated insurance provider in terms of customer happiness, according to JD Power.

How State Farm life insurance compares to other companies

State Farm offers a variety of insurance options, including the option of paying off your life insurance coverage in full after 20 years or insuring two persons under one universal life policy.

State Farm’s life insurance products produce far less complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) than its auto insurance policies, and the insurer routinely rates highly in J.D. Power rankings (Judges’ Decisions). When customers purchase life insurance from State Farm, they can anticipate an exceptional experience.

To qualify for State Farm’s top rating classes, your blood pressure measurements must be much lower than those required by other companies. A healthy 30-year-old man may anticipate to spend $32 per month for State Farm’s $500,000, 20-year term insurance. Other providers charge an average of $25 per month for the same coverage that we give.

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