QuickQoute Life Insurance Review

Here’s our QuickQoute Life Insurance Review for you. QuickQuote analysis plans from 20 A-rated insurers in order to present consumers with the best potential insurance alternatives. Along with the quantity of coverage you have, your health, your occupation, and your gender, the amount of monthly premiums you pay is also determined by these criteria. Nonsmokers and individuals in good health over the age of 34 may expect to pay between $23.38 and $44.19 per month for a 10-year plan that covers up to $500,000 in medical expenditures. Monthly premiums for the same coverage range from $27.21 to $59.07 for men.

How to get a quote from QuickQuote life insurance

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When done online, comparison shopping for transportation providers is a breeze. The following are the required steps:

  1. Begin by visiting QuickQuote and choosing the option for Get my free quotes.
  2. You may compare term life insurance quotes, no-exam term plans, and prices for accident-related life insurance. Choose Estimates from the drop-down menu.
  3. To utilize QuickQuote, you must give information about your state of residence, your birth date, your gender, and if you smoke.
  4. Decide on the scope of your insurance’s coverage and the duration of the policy.
  5. Following that, click View Quotes to view your alternatives.

What types of life insurance coverage does QuickQuote offer?

QuickQuote, an online broker, allows users to compare quotations from the highest-rated suppliers. These insurance products are available through the company’s website:

  • Term life insurance. The policy provides coverage of at least $25,000 and up to $25 million. A medical examination may be necessary, but it is completely free and may be conducted in the comfort of your own home. The underwriting procedure might take between four and six weeks to complete.
  • Term life insurance that does not need an examination. A coverage can cost as low as $25,000 and as much as $1 million. While you may be asked a few questions over the phone, no medical examination is required. Depending on the provider, your new insurance may take effect within a few days as a result of the carrier’s expedited underwriting procedure.
  • Insurance against accidental death. Your beneficiaries will receive a one-time payment in the case of your death. Acceptance is guaranteed since no medical examinations or health inquiries are necessary for coverage ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.

What riders can I add to my QuickQuote life insurance policy?

Your QuickQuote representative can assist you in determining whether there are any other carriers available for the carrier you’re considering. Among the most popular are the following:

  • Accelerated death benefits riders. Are you in the latter stages of a disease? Refundable are one or two death benefit payments.
  • Insurance coverage in the case of an unavoidable demise. There is an extra benefit payable in the event of death in an accident.
  • He is a Rider in his twenties. Your insurance policy may cover a single kid or a group of children.
  • With this rider, you’re covered regardless of what happens. Adding more coverage or renewing your insurance does not require a physical examination.
  • Rider waived an extra charge. Your premiums will be suspended if you become disabled and are unable to work for a specified period of time.

Which insurers does QuickQuote work with?

Insurers having an AM Best rating of A or better are represented by the broker.

  • In the United States, companies like American General Life, Banner Life, and Fidelity Life operate.
  • Insurance companies include Mutual Genworth Lincoln National, which provides Haven Life/Massachusetts Pension programs, and John Hancock

Prudential (Pruco) Life Insurance Company.

On a long-term care insurance policy, LifeProtect Insurance Services, Inc., the Mutual of Omaha Life Firm, and ReliaStar’s life insurance company (VOYA) Banking collaborated. Sagicor is a subsidiary of the American International Group (AIG). The Western Bank

QuickQuote life insurance reviews and complaints

QuickQuote has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since that year. It only gets one rating due to a prior customer’s issue with it. The Better Business Bureau has heard 0 complaints about this business so far.

It now has a 3.8-star TrustPilot rating, although there are just a handful published reviews. Users compliment QuickQuote for its ease of use and affiliation with a number of well-known insurance firms.

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