Primerica Life Insurance Review

Here’s our Primerica Life Insurance Review for you. Despite its dubious business model, Primerica is a legitimate organization that provides genuine term life insurance. Long-term financial well-being anybody may become a licensed, full-service agent, according to the company’s apparent multilevel marketing business plan. Agents that assist clients are compensated with a percentage of any sales generated as a result of their services. Primerica Life Insurance Review may assist you in making an educated decision.

Pros and Cons of Primerica Life Insurance


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  • Access to a comprehensive collection of instructional resources.
  • Instantaneous claims.


  • There appears to be a multi-level marketing business plan in place.
  • Borrowers must fulfill tough criteria in order to qualify for a loan.
  • We need a long-range strategy.

Primerica life insurance rates

Primerica charges a premium for its services. These sample rates are for 35-year-old nonsmoking men and women in good health.

  • Policy 10-year/$500,000. Male $20.00, Female $18.81
  • Policy 20-year/$500,000. Male $27.91, Female $25.22
  • Policy 30-year/$500,000. Male $30.83, Female $28.74

What affects my rate with Primerica life insurance?

Primerica provides the Preferred and Preferred Plus pricing categories to consumers in good health. Consider that the insurance company is secretive about the process through which you qualify for these low prices.

To acquire the best discounts, you must generally match the following criteria:

  • I haven’t smoked in five years.
  • A job that poses low risk of harm or death.
  • There have been instances of significant medical issues being undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Five years ago, hypertension was not recognized or treated.
  • It is not authorized for a parent to die of cardiovascular or cancer-related causes before the age of 65.
  • The preceding three years were spent solely on commercial flights, either as a pilot, a student pilot, or as a member of the flight crew.
  • A three-year hiatus from all risky sports.
  • I’ve received one or two tickets for speeding or running a red light in the last three years.

What types of life insurance coverage does Primerica offer?

Primerica, a life insurance broker, offers only products from the National Benefit Life Insurance Company, which insures them. Term plans, which typically run between 10 and 30 years, are non-cancelable and non-purchasable.

Purchasing terms and then investing the difference is a recommendation made by a business to its clients. Its staff conducts a financial requirements assessment in order to provide you with the best service possible.

What riders can I add to my Primerica life insurance policy?

You may customize your insurance by adding typical riders like these.

  • Accidental death benefit rider. Your family will get an extra death benefit if you die in an accident.
  • A rider providing a death benefit with an expedited payout timeline. If you are diagnosed with a terminal disease, you may be entitled to up to 70% of your death benefit.
  • Rider renounces his or her claim to a higher fare. If you become terminally sick or are unable to work for a specified period of time, your insurance premiums will be waived.

Primerica life insurance reviews and complaints

Since 1980, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Primerica an A+ rating for customer service. It has received 122 complaints over the previous three years, despite the fact that the majority of users rate it four stars. Numerous clients encountered difficulties canceling their insurance or contacting their broker due to billing complications. AM Best A+ is the highest possible financial rating.

Primerica has only a few ratings on TrustPilot, however, they have an average rating of four stars.

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