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Quotes for life insurance from six of the best-rated companies are available at Leap Life Insurance, a new website that streamlines the process. TrustPilot has gotten nothing but positive comments from its users since its inception in 2017. A pre-existing ailment, such as renal disease, may entitle you to discounted rates. Let’s see the Leap Life Insurance Review to know what they have to offer.

Pros and Cons of Leap Life Ig

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  • Flexibility
  • Additional possibilities
  • Providers who have been curated


  • Massachusetts and New York are excluded from the regulation.

Leap Life insurance rates

In 2021, a healthy man or woman may anticipate to pay $500,000 for a 20-year term life insurance policy using LeapLife’s online pricing tool. Premiums for LeapLife plans of this size and term duration are lower than the industry average.

  • Age 20. Male $19.21, Female $16.58
  • Age 25. Male $19.21, Female $16.58
  • Age 30. Male $19.64, Female $16.86
  • Age 35. Male $23.18, Female $19.65
  • Age 40. Male $32.88, Female $27.00
  • Age 45. Male $51.99, Female $40.87
  • Age 50. Male $79.31, Female $61.53
  • Age 55. Male $130.35, Female $94.59
  • Age 60. Male $228.93, Female $157.73

What affects my rate with LeapLife?

The amount of coverage you require, your gender, and the age at which coverage is required all impact the cost of your insurance. Another aspect affecting pricing is the following:

  • Medical history
  • Family health history
  • Nicotine use
  • Hobbies
  • Occupation

How to get a quote from LeapLife life insurance

To obtain a free estimate, contact LeapLife by phone or by completing an online form. To obtain an online pricing quote, complete these steps:

  1. Click To begin, navigate to the LeapLife home page and complete the form.
  2. Kindly provide us with some information about yourself, such as your age and height. Kindly inform us if you smoke or not. Click the Get Your Rate button to discover your final pricing.
  3. Your citizenship, immigration status, and health will be scrutinized, as well as whether the policy is intended for you or another individual. To proceed, click the Next button.
  4. What are some of the risk factors that may impair an individual’s ability to obtain employment? The next page will inquire as to whether you are currently using any prescription drugs.
  5. Following that, you’ll see a list of editable quotes. To apply for a job, you will be required to provide a range of personal information. If you are satisfied with the quotation you have chosen, the steps are complete.

What happens next?

When applying by phone, it may take longer to receive a response than when applying online.

If your application is accepted, you must create an online account immediately. You may see your insurance information online to confirm that payments are being made on time.

What types of life insurance coverage does LeapLife offer?

To put it another way, LeapLife is not your typical insurance company. You are matched with a suitable life insurance provider, not the other way around. As a result of our partnership with six major insurers, you may obtain all of the following types of basic life insurance through LeapLife.

  • Level term. With a level-term insurance coverage, there are no surprises when it comes to premiums. If you live longer than the period of the insurance coverage, no money will be paid to you.
  • Unintentional death. This is the most affordable option. Accidental death insurance, like term insurance, protects you for a specified length of time. This policy does not cover disease-related death; only unavoidable accidents are covered.
  • Whole. You will never have to worry about your rates increasing with this coverage.
  • Universal. In comparison to term life insurance, universal life insurance provides coverage for the duration of your life. With a risk-neutral universal

What riders can I add to my policy?

When it comes to adding rider options to your insurance, insurers have numerous possibilities. A few of the most prevalent ones

  • Rider for accelerated death benefits. If your doctor diagnoses you with a chronic or fatal condition, you may use your benefits prior to death.
  • Riders under the age of 18 are not permitted. Children’s life insurance coverage is now available.
  • Rider renounces his or her claim to a higher fare. Due to this aspect of the insurance, you may be able to avoid paying premiums if you are unable to work due to illness or accident.
  • Rider for supplemental disability income. It is conceivable that you will be qualified for this compensation if you become completely handicapped.

LeapLife life insurance reviews and complaints

The Better Business Bureau has given LeapLife an A+ rating. LeapLife does not currently have any complaints or reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.

TrustPilot has a TrustScore of 9.2 out of 10 based on 63 ratings, 90% of which are “Excellent”.

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