Genworth Life Insurance Review

Genworth Life Insurance’s long-term care insurance plans range in price from $330 to $11,200 per year, or $28 to $930 each month. After the ages of 60 and 70, insurers increase premiums. The most affordable insurance plans for individuals in their forties have a $50-per-day benefit.

What affects my rate with Genworth?

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If you purchase insurance at the age of 55 with a daily benefit of $150, you should budget between $125 and $150 a month in premiums. Numerous factors might impact the cost of insurance.

  • Your age
  • Gender
  • Overall health
  • Benefit or coverage amount, such as $150 per day
  • Cost of care in your location

How to get a quote from Genworth life insurance

You may contact Genworth by phone or email to enquire about their insurance coverage. To begin, follow these steps:

  1. To talk with an insurance agent, please contact 866-469-7902. On the website’s long-term care insurance page, you may get a free long-term care insurance consultation.
  2. Your message must include your name, date of birth, and postal address.
    If you contacted us using the form, we will respond as quickly as possible, either by phone or email.
  3. Additional questions will be used to elicit additional information about your medical and insurance requirements.
  4. You should verify and sign the insurance contract for the policy you have obtained. Following that, establish a payment plan. Begin implementing your plan.

What types of life insurance coverage does Genworth offer?

Genworth sold individual life insurance policies until 2016. Since then, the company’s focus has shifted. Meanwhile, it encompasses the following areas:

  • Long-term care insurance can aid you in paying for in-home care, assisted living, or nursing homes if you become unable to pay for them on your own.
  • Employees can choose long-term care insurance via their employer’s group plan. As a consequence, customers may be eligible for extra discounts or a higher level of service.
  • Policies with an active life insurance component. Regardless of the number of policyholders Genworth chooses not to activate, current policyholders will remain insured.

What riders can I add to my policy?

Genworth does not provide riders any additional long-term care coverage. Although there are other notable cyclists, including:

  • Accelerated death benefits riders. If you are diagnosed with a terminal condition, you may be eligible to receive a portion of your death benefit sooner rather than later.
  • Rider waiving premium fees. Your monthly payment will be waived if you leave your job or become disabled while covered by this rider.

Genworth life insurance reviews and complaints

As of October 2020, Genworth had handled 12 BBB complaints. Insurance premiums for the firm increased at a stable but growing rate over time. Two of the most common complaints were about insurance claims not being paid on time or about bad customer service following the termination of a policy.

Genworth receives a B- score from the Better Business Bureau based on the total number of complaints received. AM Best’s financial rating for 2020 is a B- (Fair). The company’s financial grade has declined in recent years, indicating that enhancements are required.

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