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Several fintech businesses, like Everyday Life, are presently selling term life insurance online. No other online brokerage offers or recommends a laddered investment strategy. For additional information, here’s an Everyday Life Insurance Review.

What affects my rate with Everyday Life insurance?

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Everyday Life’s insurance partners are well-known for their competitive rates. Specialized partners include those who cater to certain demographics, such as the elderly, smokers, and individuals with pre-existing medical concerns.

To qualify for the highest rate class, the following conditions must be met:

  • Health. Low cholesterol, normal blood pressure, and an adequate height-to-weight ratio all contribute to a low rate. Additionally, the insurance company demands that your parents and siblings be free of cardiovascular illness by the time they reach the age of 60.
  • A driver’s license record. You may qualify for the lowest prices if you have a clean driving record and have committed no more than three minor traffic offences in the last two years.
  • There is a high prevalence of substance misuse. You’ll need to demonstrate that you haven’t used illicit drugs or alcohol in the previous decade.

How to get a quote from Everyday Life insurance

You’ll learn within five minutes if you’re eligible for insurance coverage and how much it will cost. On the Everyday Life website, complete the following steps:

  1. On the main page, click the Get Started button.
  2. Indicate the ages and employment status of all dependents.
  3. Kindly complete the following information: Gender, age, and overall health are all factors.
  4. Monthly gross income, as well as any savings or debt, should be considered.
  5. You may customize the term duration and amount of coverage in the system to meet your specific demands. To begin, the system will provide a personalized coverage plan and estimate the cost. If you are satisfied with the estimate, click Next to continue with your application.
  6. To save your work, enter your name and email address in the fields provided.
    How will you be questioned about your height and weight? What is the medical history of your family? What are your smoking habits? What is your driving record?
  7. Following that, you will receive a new quotation and will be prompted to provide your phone number and ZIP code in a new form.
  8. When Everyday Life approves your request, you will receive an email with a link to an online application.

What types of life insurance coverage does Everyday Life offer?

Everyday Life, an online broker, sells term life insurance products from a range of suppliers. The needs-based strategy taken by this organization enables you to stack multiple life insurance policies to satisfy your financial obligations. In this instance, your term insurance policies will terminate concurrently with the fulfillment of your financial responsibilities.

Consider the following scenario: you have a mortgage, young children, and student loan debt. Your debt may be protected for ten, twenty, or even thirty years, depending on the type of insurance you acquire. While your insurance benefits will deteriorate over time, your loved ones will be financially secure regardless of when you die.

Everyday Life insurance reviews and complaints

As of October 2020, Everyday Life has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an A rating with TrustPilot. Numerous customers have acknowledged their happiness with the service and the website’s simplicity of use.

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